Information Technology Manager

Reports to President and Chief Executive Officer

Wisconsin Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company

General Responsibilities

Recommend, design, implement and maintain information systems for WILMIC. Participate in developing a strategic computer plan, and recommend ways in which technology can be used to improve WILMIC's business.

Specific Duties

Participate in corporate information systems strategic planning process.

Maintain, improve, and support WILMIC's network, workstations, and other uses of technology. Act as network manager and support resource.

Implement, or supervise contract personnel in implementing electronic media communications such as web site and email newsletter. This will incude making the website interactive and using it as a tool to pursue business objectives.

Investigate opportunities for providing online seminars. Coordinate technical aspects of online learning.

Assist in development and execution of customer relationship management (CRM) plan for conducting information and marketing campaigns.

Assist with development and maintenance of internal processing system. Coordinate the use of third party web site technology for business processes and develop and maintain additional web-based applications for employee use.

Investigate and develop technology applications for law firm management and liability risk reduction, e.g., trust accounting software and technology information exchange.

Assist in evaluating effectiveness of marketing and risk management initiatives.

Other duties, as assigned.


Excellent spoken and written communication skills.

Demonstrated ability to rapidly learn and assimilate new computer applications and systems, both by self-education, and from formal courses.

Ability to manage and support a small network and associated workstations and application software.

Ability to analyze work flows, and to learn the procedures, goals, and terminology of the liability insurance business.

Ability to relate technological systems to business purposes.

Ability to function in a team composed largely of non-technical people.

Ability to manage contractors and business relationships with providers.

Basic knowledge of systems and work flow analysis.

Desirable Knowledge and Experience:

Knowledge of the following would be helpful:




TCP/IP networking, open standards, and server applications such as DNS, DHCP.

Web based applications

Email servers, agents, and protocols

Html and scripting tools such as PHP, Perl, etc.


Experience developing and maintaining interactive web sites.

Basic knowledge of word processing, spreadsheets, and other office applications.

Understanding of marketing communications, legal profession, and small business management is desired.

Bachelors degree or equivalent.