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About SINO

SINO is a free text retrieval engine written in C. It's primary design goal is speed, which is achieved at the expense of fairly liberal disk usage. It has been written to compile on a wide range of platforms and operating systems.

SINO expects to be able to index entire directory structures containing plain text or HTML files. You can then search the entire structure, or subsets of the structure using file name or directory path masks.

The SINO engine itself supports a flexible API allowing SINO to be embedded in applications (as it is in SINO CGI). Altnernatively, there is a "standalone" version which can take searches and options on stdin and deliver results on stdout.

The search language emulates a number of free text retrieval engines, mainly taken from the law-related databases. It also supports simple regular expressions as well as C and agrep-style searches. Boolean and proximity operators are also included. If your data supports it, searches can be easily limited to within a date range or within named sections (eg "title only" searches).

Terms and Conditions

SINO is licenced under the AustLII Free Software Licence.


You will need:


SINO is available in source form only. It is distributed in tar and gzip format.

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