End Goal

Create a system of accessible and interlinked materials

    "accessible" means as easy to use information as not
    "interlinked" means ability to give information value by presenting related information
        "interlinked" can also be regarded as cross selling.
        RE average 3 new pices of information for every initial one

    Schedule meeting in calendar,click button, obtain information on person you are meeting with, his company, etc.

    Need comprehensive set of materials on Wisconsin--CLE, practice aids, forms, case law, books, etc.
    Must control links
    Must develop model to charge (little charges for little bits? Subscription).

General Approach

  1. Convert all inputs into common format -- standard XML
  2. Link all the information using parsers and LDAP
  3. Extract from the common pool needed formats (xml "transformations")--web, search, print, databse, seminars, etc

State bar is thin on technical resources.

  1. "draft" on work of other non-profits
    1. They have skill set and are willing to share
      1. Austlii , Cornell LII, Emory, Mercatoria, University Montreal, etc.
      2.  Problems are very common
      3. development of worldwide standards for legal materials
        1. worldwide citation server (LDAP)
        2. DTD's fpr legal material