Proposed Strategy

User's Perspective-- some examples:

User is reading case.
User clicks on citation, sees clickable popup of where cited case is available, plus section from practice book on case, plus available snippets from CLE seminar discussing case.

User is preparing brief.
User submits brief to bar site over web. Brief is transformed and immediately returned to user. All all the citations are now clickable links allowing user to easily verify accuracy and meaning of citations.

User has ethics question.
Goes to pertinent rule on WisBar.  Clicks on "More" has list of ethics decisions discussing rule, list of cases interpreting the rule, materials from CLE seminar on rule, email contact for State bar Ethicist.

User is taking "distance" CLE seminar through Internet on presentation of experts.
Has question on hearsay rule, clicks, sees snippet from old CLE seminar on evidence explaining hearsay rule more thoroughly, cases cited in other CLE seminar.

Staff is editing "distance" seminar materials
Staff runs seminar notes through applet.  Cites are turned into hyperlinks, notes are placed in standard format.